Writing becomes fashion with Pilot Pen

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Pilot pens are the new it-fashion accessories that you should always carry in your purse! Writing with style is the new trend. In September, I went to NYFW and as a member of the Fashion Group International (FGI), I was invited to the Opening Party Benefiting LIM FEF by Patricia Field at the GBK Celebrity Suites Style lounge in the Empire Hotel. I saw the Pilot booth and I was amazed by it. You may ask why because it is just a pen brand? Well it was not just a simple pen brand. It is more than that because Pilot stepped up by delivering style and substance to writing. As we know Fashion and Writing is a unique way to express yourself.


Look at this fabulous tote with all the Pilot pens fringes. This is what I call a statement bag. Photo: Dalabooh



I always carry a pen in my purse as I go to a lot of fashion shows, I take a lot of notes about fashion trends and I absolutely love these Pilot pens because of their fine point which makes my writing looks clean and neat!

Celebrities like Patricia Field, Mr Jay Manuel, Adrienne Bailon, Ice T and Coco all agreed with me.

Patricia field - Pilot - Dalabooh.com

Patricia Field – Photo: Pilot

MrJayManuel-Pilot - Dalabooh.com

Mr Jay Manuel – Photo: Pilot

Adrienne Bailon-Pilot - Dalabooh.com

Adrienne Bailon – Photo: Pilot

Ice T and Coco-Pilot - Dalabooh.com

Ice-T and Coco – Photos: Pilot

More information: http://www.powertothepen.com

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