Top Hats and Beanies to rock in this cold

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Hattie Hattie


Wear a hat to polish your look and to keep you warm in this cold weather! I have been obsessed by hats these past few months. I love statement pieces as you might know by now. Every little detail counts. None of these hats are plain and simple.

1. BCBG Fur Pom Pom Veil Pull – On Hat

2. FEDERICA MORETTI Cat Ears Woven on Straw Hat

3. MARIE MERCIE Black Crystal Chamonix Hat

4. LAURA CATHCART Alabaster Honor Hat

5. BORSALINO Black Taffeta Turban Veiled Hat

6. FEDERICA MORETTI  George Coton Woven on Straw Hat

7. MARIE MERCIE Rasberry Felt Androgyne Trilby Hat

8. LAURA CATHCART Green Leopard Emerald Hat

9. FEDERICA MORETTI Plaid Mohair Baseball Cap

10. ALEXANDER LEWIS Lilac Downhill Visor Hat

11. MARIE MERCIE  Red Felt Sovietique Cap

12. LAURA CATHCART Bordeaux Leopard India Hat

You can buy these here:

If you did not read my post about how to spice up a Black outfit check it out: My BCBG CAT EARS HAT


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