The Coterie New York City Fall/Winter 2014

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On February 23rd 2014, I visited the ENK Coterie for the first time at the Javits Center in New York City. Walking through each aisle, made me want to acquire each and every single items I passed by. From apparel and accessories to shoes, it was heaven! I wish my closet could be as big as the Javits Center ahah! I wanted to stop by every single booth but I had a limited timing. I spent four hours and thirty minutes, which was not enough, I think you need at least two days to be able to meet and greet every brand!


It was an opportunity for me to discover new brands and network with their representatives. I came across brands from around the world. I met different brands from France, my home country, it felt good to be able to speak french again ahah, yes I miss home, I did not go back there for almost two years! To sum it up, it was an enriching experience to be able to touch items, to be able to photograph it and connect with new people!


I made my first stop at Eugenia Kim‘s booth. Her hats collection is just amazing, she creates magic by adding little touches that turn a boring hat into a chic one! She put a sense of humor to every single piece she creates, that’s why I love it.

Wait, did you know that she also designed a shoe collection! Her signature is characterized by the form of the heel, original isn’t it?


My second stop was at Georgine‘s booth, she is a polish designer living in Singapore and she made that fabulous fox coat that I am wearing. I need this fur coat in my wardrobe, it is absolutely a staple piece to keep you warm and elegant during a Polar Vortex!


My last and favorite stop was at Schutz’s booth, I am a shoe lover if you did not notice it yet. OMGee! The collection is to die for! Details on every pair of shoes. Since Spring is coming soon, my obsession were these floral pumps with the chain details!


Voila! This was my highlight of my day at the Coterie. I cannot wait to go again next season because I am sure that it will be even more fun! I wanted to say thank you to Gia Gennuso for having me, it was nice meeting you!

Did you go to the Coterie? What did you think about it? Did you find any fun pieces?


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  1. Wow! Great photos, thanks for sharing, dear! The hats collection is very nice, love the ones with the ears hehe. You look fabulous. :-*

    Rathana xx

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