The 5 year old style icon: Alonso Mateo at NYFW

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I am sure everyone know or have already seen that little boy whether on Instagram or Pinterest. Yes, this little 5 year old is a fashion kid icon. His name is Alonso Mateo and he is already a superstar! He is from Mexico. So sharp and elegant! Men need to take notes on how to look fresh by following him on instagram @alonsomateo1.

Why did I decide to write about him? because on my way to the Lincoln Center to attend the Noon by Noor spring 2014 fashion show during the New York Fashion Week, I saw that little man and stopped breathing! Yay as soon as I saw him I took out my phone and snap a pic ahah just a like a groupie! Can you believe that, he is only 5 and he gets so much attention!


Credits: Shariff Adams (Fashion of Philly)

You can tell he knows that he is the boss! lol Hope he is not gonna turn bad when he grows up!!!

What do you think about this little man in suit?

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