Motivational Apparel by Abu Fofanah

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Who is Abu Fofanah?

A young philanthropist entrepreneur and student at Penn State University

Last week, at the Salute to Fashion fundraising event I met Abu Fofanah, the founder of Motivational Apparel. He decided to build his own company after he participated to the Special Olympics. At that time he realized that individuals often limit themselves when they are facing a challenge. He believes that motivation is the key to success.

He get inspired by his mentors who let him know what are the Dos and the Donts. The fuel to his motivation is seeing others following their passion. “They are the ones we call crazy because they are not following the norm. However, they are crazy until they are right, then we call them a genius. Something else that drives my motivation is being able to provide for my mother. She is a single mother working up to three jobs just to pay the mortgage. Seeing her struggle has been the backbone of my motivation.” – Abu  

His greatest accomplishment so far has been being able to help children orphanages in India by providing education and labor during the summer of his freshman year of college.  Another one was to be able to take 24 credits in one semester and to finish it with a 3.9 GPA.

His goal for the future, would be to be graduate from Harvard Business School. In addition, he would like to start a consulting business, which can help small start up companies to grow.

His favorite quotes are “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”, and “No pressure, No diamonds”.

About Motivational Apparel


Each tee-shirt contains a specific message to encourage, empower, and inspire. The mission is to help individuals to overcome their challenge. A portion of every shirt sold is given to organizations that are overcoming challenges.


 “As an upcoming brand I’ve experienced many challenges, but like the message behind my brand, I will not give up.” – Abu Fafonah

You can see some tee-shirts here:


Time to Grind



Motivational Apparel

Motivational Apparel

1,440 minutes in a day, What would you do?


Motivation – Ambition – Inspiration

I love the brand and the message, the brand is sending, I believe that it will grow bigger since it has a purpose behind it! <3 Even John Legend is supporting the brand! Go get your Motivational Apparel and support the cause!


Where to shop Motivational Apparel?


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