Happy Thanksgiving from Dalabooh

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Happy Thanksgivinng

I want to thank you for stopping by and spending time on Dalabooh.com, I am so thankful for your support and kindness. I’m also grateful for the impact blogging has had on my life since I started. Blogging has opened several doors to new opportunities, I met so many wonderful people that are now my friends and mentors. I learned to never give up and to always keep chasing my dreams. Who would have thought that I, a french girl, who knew nothing about blogging, would now get invited to the most exclusive events in the fashion industry. Seeing that my hard work is appreciated, it motivates me everyday to setting more goals for the future. If you have a passion, just go for it, no one should set you boundaries, unless you let them! Turn the “No’s” into “Yes’s” by showing them through your hard work that you can do it! Prove them wrong!

Enjoy your holiday!


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