Fratelli Lisco designed unique sneaker collection

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The Italian brand, Fratelli Lisco was founded in Milan in December 2012 by young designers. The brand has been working with many French luxury brands but in 2013, it decided to start its own brand to show the expertise they had acquired throughout their years of practice.

The brand showcased its new sneaker collection at the Project NYC.  The inspiration of this new capsule is the city Salento, located in southern Italy, where the designers are from. It is place known for its Baroque architecture, its vivid colors.

Fratelli Lisco designed a unique sneaker collection through an innovative use of materials, color, metals, new shapes and type of leather. The brand combine a baroque spirit mix with a futuristic style. These sneakers are made in Italy to ensure the quality and authenticity of their products.

If you haven’t heard about this luxury brand go check it out I can not wait to get a pair of these to show you how fabulous they are!


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