Fall 2013: Escape the French Cape

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It is officially Fall! it is time to get ready for the cold winter. The cape is going to be the it-coat to warm you up! It is chic and classy, whether you are wearing a dress or a pants, you can never go wrong with it. I bought this cape while I was in France three years ago and it is still in. I love it because it is a statement piece that will make your outfit stand out. The only problem is that you cannot hold a tote or a shoulder bag but who cares? You will still look stylish with a little clutch or a cross body bag.


I took these picture in February and it was extremely cold and windy. You can tell by my face. Ahah

.:::. Photography .:::.

Ryan Powell

Here are some identical capes:

Question: What do you think about cape coats?

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