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Here is a great man that I personally know and that I am very proud of… Very humble and hard worker… I have seen the progress from the first Mixtape till now… A lot of great things happening to you and so much more to come… Keep doing your thing and always stay positive!


As a highly-sought after DJ in the Philadelphia music scene, a credited producer, trained pianist, and a force on the turntables, DJ Rashaun is a master musician who’s approachable and charming. He’s Spun for Clients such as Bloomingdales, Banana Republic, Guess  & even spun Beyonce’s BeyHive VIP parties, DJ Rashaun Also plays at venues like Revel, Savoys and Parx Casino just to name a few. Branded as a Scratch DJ for Scratch Music Group DJ Rashaun has been in high gear releasing his club remixes, which has earned him the opportunity to have his work spun in the major clubs & radio in the US and overseas markets.


His inspiration comes from his Family and his passion for Music…

” You have to love & live what your determined to do in order to appreciate it. I grew up around DJs and my father use to play his old classic records when he would clean the house. I am also inspired by seeing people emotionally moved by the music I play.” – DJ RASHAUN


His motivation comes from seeing people enjoying the music, he is spinning at various events.

“I like to vibe off that energy. Another thing is being around other DJs and we tend to keep each other sharp. Teamwork is always the best motivation.” – DJ RASHAUN


His greatest accomplishment: Building your personal Brand

“I started my own company and learned the business side of deejaying as well as the performer side.” – DJ RASHAUN


His Goals: Success

“My goals are to be successful in many areas of music I always keep more than one thing going on.” – DJ RASHAUN


Inspirational/motivational quote:

“Anything is possible when you allow god to lead in your life”


His mixes are amazing and dope… You should really check them out and share them… Here is a truly talented DJ…My very special man… Support him and show some love….                                 Alice C. – Dalabooh <3

Contact information:


Twitter: @djrashaun

Listen to his mixes on PodomaticMixcrate, Soundcloud,


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