An evening at Tiffany and Co. to discover the Atlas Collection

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“The Atlas® collection captures the essence of enduring Tiffany chic. The designs incorporate distinctive elongated. Roman numerals in a streamlined harmony of forms. Tiffany refined these symbols of empire with the streamlined contours of American design. This seamless blend of the new and the legendary captures the essence of Tiffany—chic, sophisticated—the premier jeweler of elegant simplicity.” – Tiffany and Co.


On October 16th, I was invited to Tiffany and Co. located on 1414 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, to discover the new Atlas Collection. The event was hosted by Tiffany McCauley, the Director of Tiffany and Co.  I tried on some pieces, each of them was flawless. I am in love with the evolution of the Atlas Collection. Indeed, you can wear the Atlas collection day and night, these unique pieces will make your outfit stand out.


I was wearing the Atlas Open Ring and the Atlas Bangle (Photos: Dalabooh)

Fashionistas spotted at the Tiffany & Co. event:


Tiffany & Co. Models wearing the Atlas Collection (Photos: Dalabooh)

Tiffany McCauley

 Tiffany McCauley, Director of Tiffany and Co. (Photos: Dalabooh)

This little black dress looks perfect on her! I absolutely love the details of her dress and her Louboutins. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Leslie Pellegrino

 Leslie Pellegrino was trying the Atlas Open Pendant (Photos: Dalabooh)

The matching blouse and skirt that Leslie is wearing is so chic and classy! Do not forget her Chanel bag and these lovely red bottoms!



DJ Rashaun (Photos: Dalabooh)

He was wearing a nice Camo pants with brown booties. An Army Chic look.

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