10 things you need to do as a fashion blogger

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Being a fashion blogger is not as always easy! Some people think that a fashion blogger is just a fashion amateur who spend their time writing about some fashion”stuff”, what they don’t realize is that we help brands generates more sales by influencing and attracting new customers for them by writing our fashion amateur posts! Yes, we are big influencers… This is why some brands like to collaborate with us.

I am going to list you 10 things I do as a fashion blogger…

1. Target a niche

As for me I decided to write about high end fashion and to promote French fashion culture. Remember to always stick to this niche, even if sometimes brands offer you a good deal because you don’t want to confuse your readers!

2. Go to fashion related events


Fashion of Philly and I, on our way to see some shows Photo credit: FashionofPhilly.com

I try to go as many events to network, to get inspired and to build new relationships. Where do I find out where to go? Well, my secret is that Google.com is my best friend since I started this journey. I found out everything by just using keywords: Fashion events + month + year + location. Use this formula and I guarantee you that you will find it! To shrink my searches I usually go on Eventbrite.com. After that I sort them and see if it will be worth my time by looking at what kind of people will attend, what type of event will it be, what will I learn from it… Evaluate the pros and cons. I mainly go to Fashion Shows, Conferences, Trade shows, Press events and showrooms…

Before the day of the event, equipped yourself with a great camera so you can take shots of  the events so can write about it afterwards. Be professional and have your business cards ready, a pen and a notebook.

On the day of the event, network and hand out your business cards as much as you because you never know who you can meet. YES it is time to work! Take notes, pictures, interview people… I always tell my friends I don’t go to event only to enjoy it but mainly to WORK! If you see me, I am always running around with my camera and talking to people. By the end of the night, it’s like I ran a marathon ahah.

After the event, write up your posts and let people know about why they should go to the event and why it will be beneficial. Keep in touch with people you met the night before.

Always keep an attitude of Gratitude <3

3. Work with PR

I am PR friendly as long as they know that it has to be an equal relationship. If I help you then you help me. A lot of PR people are exploiting fashion bloggers to get more press for their clients which is not fair on our behalf because we put a lot into work as well. They get paid by brands to do their PR and they want us to do it for free when they enrich themselves! No Way… Sometimes it is not always about money but at least they need to give us credits and acknowledgement!

4. Invest in a good quality camera

It is really important to have high quality visuals. It will attract more people. Who does not like to look at beautiful things? Be creative and find a way to display whatever you are photographing in a way that it tells a story.


Having a talk with Uri Minkoff (brother and CEO of Rebecca Minkoff)

5. Be the spokesperson of your brand

Always be presentable, you need to know about what you are talking about especially when you meet big publications, or any other industry insiders. Your brand is a reflection of you. You have to be ready all the time, meaning that you carry your business cards everywhere you go even at the supermarket because you never know who you can meet there. I met people everywhere, at the most random places like the bus, train, restaurant… I never leave the house without my stack of business cards!

6. Work on your social medias

Nowadays social medias are important, especially to grow your business. Act and interact, engage a conversation with your audience. Bring topics, questions and answers every single day. Always be active!

7. Connect with the right people

After doing all this networking, you should be able to find out who will be willing to help you out. Build a team of positive and goal oriented people.

8. Be part of different fashion organization/community

I learned a lot of tips and tricks by being parts of different organization. Don’t be afraid to ask! Go for it! I love to learn new things! KNOWLEDGE IS NOT LIMITED!

9. Be open minded

10. Spread your message

Tell them your mission and your story, the more genuine, the better! Once they trust you, word of mouth will begin! Everything happens for a reason… Never give up! Keep going!


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