Social Stories Fashioned to Influence Consumers

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You probably spend a good amount of time researching a product or a service you need or are interested in, online before deciding to purchase it.  Nowadays, Social media messages influence a shopper’s buying decisions compared to traditional advertising. Consumers consider traditional advertising as being untrustworthy and unauthentic.  As a brand, it is important to build relationships with consumers by creating a dialog and by sustaining levels of trust to influence their buying decisions.



ReadyPulse is a powerful marketing asset for brands and retailers. It provides brands with authorized user generated content from opt-in brand ambassadors to create a more enjoyable shopping experience for consumers. Brands can use the Pulse Marketing Suite, web based platform to turn user generated content into a customer generated commerce by displaying their coolest customers photos and videos on eCommerce sites and in-store displays. ReadyPulse not only has the brands best interest at heart, but also the content creators. ReadyPulse offers solutions to collect social content explicitly authorized for a brands use in marketing, so users don’t feel like their privacy has been violated. Brands can use the Pulse Marketing Suite to identify their most influential customers, reach out to them, and invite them to join their brand ambassador program as an opt-in ambassador. Brand ambassadors provide the most influential content because they are invested in the brand’s efforts and stay loyal to it.


The Pulse Marketing Suite features Pulse Stories, Pulse Ambassadors, Pulse Promotions, and Pulse Ads. The patented technology calculates and assigns a Pulse Score for content indexed in the platform for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Content with a high Pulse Score is proven to influence; because the high score reflects the influence it had on the users social network when they originally posted it. Brands are bringing their marketing to life with the highest influencing; authorized social stories fashioned to create a socially engaging shopping experience, featuring you, for you!



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